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By Plump & Co //

"I have some needles from Plump & Co that are actually the size of baseball bats – they’re so fun!" - Kristen Ritter

Super bulky extreme knitting yarn and giant knitting needles
Photo credit: therealkrystenritter //

"I can't WAIT to get started on this HUGE YARN! (Mikey for size)"

Our favorite actress, celebrity fur-mother and knitter, Krysten Ritter, loves to share her skills with others and recently appeared on the Rachael Ray show to teach the daytime TV personality how to extreme knit. As a young girl, Krysten learned to knit from her grandmother, and now as an adult she now always has multiple projects on the go. The prolific knitter loves the speed with which extreme knitting takes form, exclaiming "what's cool about it is that you could knit a whole blanket in half a day". In an interview with Mollie Makes, Krysten admits to be a bit of a yarn hoarder, owning enough yarn "to knit a blanket to cover a football field". And guess what.... Plump & Co's super bulky merino wool yarn is one of her favorites!

Extreme knitting on Rachael Ray show Krysten Ritter with giant knitting needles and super bulky felted merino wool yarn
Photo credit: rachaelrayshow
Krysten Ritter extreme knitting with Rachael Ray. Don't worry... it's not as hard as Rachael makes it look!

Extreme knitting posture spicy knitting with giant knitting needles
This is how you really knit: great extreme knitting posture at a Plump & Co giant knitting workshop. Note the slightly 'spicy' stance.

Giant knitting dog rug Krysten Ritter chunky yarn and giant knitting needles Giant knitting pet bed made from pure merino felted chunky yarn and extreme knitting needles
Photo credit: therealkrystenritter

Mikey Mohawk loves napping on all his beds that Krysten makes him. Pets love chunky merino wool yarn, so fortunately wool is naturally odor repelling!

Plump & Co loves animals and we source our high quality New Zealand merino wool from growers with a commitment to the ZQ Merino ethos, meeting the highest standards in the areas of animal welfare, environmental care, and social sustainability.

 Krysten Ritter giant knitted blanket pure wool sofa throw
Photo credit: therealkrystenritter

Plump & Co’s 2 ply chunky yarn has amazing drape, is soft and squishy and perfect for couch throws and blankets. Your family will love snuggling into your chunky knit blanket.

Extreme knitting needles and chunky merino wool yarn for giant knitting
Photo credit: therealkrystenritter

This yarn is perfect for arm knitting, or use a pair of Plump & Co's extreme knitting needles and crochet hooks.
Chunky yarn scarf knitted by Krysten Ritter using extreme knitting needles and super bulky yarn by Plump & Co Rachael Taylor scarf knitted by Krysten Ritter using Plump & Co, Chunky Merino Yarn for Extreme Knitting
Photo credits: therealkrystenritter & rachaelmaytaylor

"Done! And it's so chic I LOVE IT! Huge yarn from @plumpandco#krystenknitter."

Krysten loves to knit for her friends (pictured here actress Rachael Taylor). This XXL chunky scarf is made from Plump & Co's midnight 2 ply. Plump & Co yarn is soft and comfortable against the skin, easy-care with a low pilling quotient.
Krysten Ritter dog rug super bulky yarn pet bed extreme crochet
Photo credit: therealkrystenritter

Plump & Co's sturdy 1 ply super bulky yarn has high stitch definition and gives blankets a sculptural look. Mikey Mohawk's bed is crocheted using grey 1 ply and white 1 ply. Try your hand at extreme crochet with our giant crochet hooks and free extreme crochet patterns.

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