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Plump & Co brings the traditional art of knitting to a modern audience with our impossibly chunky yarn, beautifully handmade tools and our fun, unique workshops. Plump & Co is part of the extreme knitting movement and the satisfaction that comes from well-made, hand-crafted goods is what we love to share with you.  We think that sitting back on the sofa with your yarn and needles is a mindful, relaxing practice that is good for the soul.


Jacinta started on the path to Plump & Co in 2008 while studying textile design at university. Unable to find giant yarn for an enormous knitted installation project, she decided to spin her own and process it by hand. She began using her handmade yarn to create one-of-a-kind pieces, and soon realized that everyone wanted to join in on the fun of extreme knitting. To meet demand, she partnered with experts in the wool industry to create an abundance of luxurious yarn to take extreme knitting to the people. Now wool lovers worldwide can join the Plump & Co community, experience the joy of giant knitting and create their own beautiful art-pieces.


Our deliciously soft yarns are made from 100% pure New Zealand merino wool. Our yarns are specially processed to add strength and durability, a method that sets our yarn apart from raw wool ‘chunky yarns’ that tear and molt. Knitting with roving and sliver (unspun, raw wool) can be unreliable, and your creations simply won’t last. Plump & Co yarns are stable, functional knitting yarns that will stand the test of time.

Plump & Co’s core colors (white, natural gray & midnight gray) are neutral tones that are perfect for home decor. We also produce seasonal runs of limited edition colors, and we can produce specially-requested colors for bulk orders.

Like our yarns, our tools are also sourced and made in New Zealand and carefully designed and made by hand to bring enjoyment to lovers of handcrafts.


Plump & Co travels all over the world to bring giant knitting and extreme crochet workshops to the people. Makers and creators of all different knitting and crocheting abilities join us at these exciting, experimental events. Giant knitting is perfect for beginners as beautiful pieces can be created using only one or two simple stitches. We encourage and inspire people to have a go, whether it’s making your first ever projecting or building your confidence to try a new pattern. With giant knitting you will always get fast, satisfying result; a cozy oversized blanket can be knitted in a single evening!

Join us on our Plump & Co journey by attending one of our workshops, following us on Instagram, or connecting with us at hello@plumpandco.com


Jacinta // Founder and Director of Operations

Jacinta is our driving force, devoted to growing the Plump & Co community and handling strategy, creative direction and ethics. Jacinta grew up on a sheep farm in New Zealand, and her love for wool and knitting steered her towards studying textile design at university. Jacinta is a fur mother to a German shorthaired pointer and is passionate about animals.

Talia // Knitting & pattern design

Talia is an experienced knitter, spinner and knitwear designer. She is passionate about teaching others to knit, no matter their skill level. Talia is a mother to four small girls and loves sustainable living, including growing food and making clothing for her family.

Briar // Knitting teacher and business support

Briar has a passion for sustainability, community and animals. She loves teaching people to knit and hearing about their knitting stories and projects. Briar has three dogs and a PhD in Zoology, loves spending her free time discovering new bug species!

Tiff // Social media and design

Tiff is a true creative, keen to get involved in anything where she can let her creative juices flow. Tiff loves painting, sewing and making music. She is also an amazing jewellery designer and photographer. Tiff is newly married and keen to start building a family.

Rhonda // Administration and logistics

Lovely Rhonda is your first point of contact at Plump & Co. Rhonda is our admin and logistics wizard, and we couldn’t cope without her! Rhonda is an amazing chef, mother and has fabulous style.

Helen // Accounts and strategy

Helen is our amazing chief financial officer, who is full of great ideas and keeps the team on track.

Amie // Knitting & pattern design

Amie is a visual artist with a love of design and style. She finds pleasure in the act of creating and a sense of satisfaction at producing a finished product. When not painting she can be found working with fashion and textiles. Amie loves seeing how traditional knitting and crochet techniques translate on a grandiose scale using Plump & Co yarn. Not content with creating the same things over, she loves coming up with new ideas and developing patterns. Amie also has 3 dogs, including wee Ella who is particularly partial to our yarn and has 3 knitted blankets of her own.



Plump & Co collaborates with other knitters, crocheters and weavers to create unique patterns. Community is important to us; our customers and friends are our inspiration and we love seeing the excitement and joy that knitting and crochet brings to people.


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