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Q // How can I keep up-to-date with Plump & Co news? 

A // Subscribe to the Plump & Co news right here.



Q // How many bumps do I need to make a blanket?

A // Everyone has different tension but generally a small to medium-sized blanket requires approximately 2-4 bumps while a large to extra-large blanket requires 5 or more bumps. A knitter with loose tension can make a bigger blanket from a smaller quantity of yarn. Adding tassels to your blanket makes it feel larger and be sure to "block" your piece to grow it and create a beautiful finish.


Q // How do I “block” my Plump & Co blanket?

A // Blocking is not a requirement, but it's a nice way to finish your piece.

1. Pop your blanket or throw in a top-loading washing machine.

2. Fill the machine with cold water only. No washing power!

3. Stop the machine once it's full and before the agitation cycle starts.

4. Open the lid and dunk the blanket up and down.

5. Now run the spin cycle. 

6. Take your piece and lay it flat on a towel in the shade.

7. Manipulate your piece into the shape you want it to be. 

8. Let it dry naturally. 


Q // Can I use Plump & Co yarn to make baby gifts?

A // We think that it's best not to use chunky yarn for baby gifts. You will find smaller yarns in your local knitting store that are more suitable for baby blankets. 


Q // How do I cast on, cast off, make tassels, join etc?

A // View our knitting videos.



 Q // When is a Plump & Co workshop coming to my town?

A // If you are keen to knit with us but can’t see any tickets available for a workshop near you, please enter your details including your location on the contact us page and we'll add you to our mailing list and alert you as soon as we announce a workshop near you. Please note that a space in a workshop will not be reserved until full payment is received.


Q // I have never knitted before. Can I still come to a workshop?

A // Absolutely! Our workshops cater to a range of knitters, from beginners to master knitters. Everyone can achieve something at our workshops. 


Q// What can I expect to achieve in a workshop?

A // Our workshops are fun, unique experiences where you will make new friends and leave with some sort of creation of your own making. Many people take their projects home on the needles to finish and buy extra yarn after the workshop to make their pieces bigger and start their next projects. In the workshops you will learn extreme knitting techniques for casting on and joining and we will educate you on how to care for the wool.


Q // I'd rather crochet.

A // Great! Let us know and we'll organise a crochet workshop near you!


Q // I'd like to treat a friend to a Plump & Co workshop. 

A // What a lovely gift! Buy an extreme knitting workshop voucher right here.


Q // Yay! I've reserved my place in a workshop! What's next?

A // We'll email you a reminder the week before the workshop to confirm details but contact us if you have any queries.

If you cannot attend the workshop, please let us know. We are unable to give refunds, but we may be able to transfer you to another workshop. 

If for any reason we need to cancel the workshop, we will be in touch and either refund your ticket or book you into another workshop.

Due to the intimacy of the workshop, children are not able to attend.

By accepting a place in a Plump & Co workshop you agree that Plump & Co is not responsible for any theft or injury that may occur at our premises or in our classes.