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Our Ethics

Plump & Co partners with ZQ Merino to bring you naturally healthy sheep. You can be confident that the sheep producing the wool are humanely treated and well fed

Plump & Co has partnered with ZQ Merino to create healthy sheep and healthy wool.

Sheep producing Plump & Co wool are well fed, humanely treated, and live healthy and natural lives. Our sheep are NOT subjected to mulesing (a nasty, painful procedure carried out in many parts of the world). 

You can be sure that you are buying the very best wool.



ZQ Merino sheep are farmed on a free-range basis which allows them to forage as they please. Well fed sheep with good nutrition are better able to cope with natural stress, such as extreme weather.

Farmers growing Plump & Co sheep must make sure that the sheep ALWAYS have access to fresh, clean water and good nutrition. Healthy sheep are better able to cope with extreme weather and natural stressors. 

ZQ Merino sheep are free range and roam in open pastures, with typically more than one acre each. This allows them to display their natural patterns of behaviours with minimal human intervention or interference.

Our sheep have lots of space and are free to live their sheepy lives without humans always getting in the way.

ZQ Merino growers must ensure that their sheep have adequate shade and shelter available at all times.

Merino sheep are adapted to extreme environments, but even tough cookies still need access to shade and shelter. 


ZQ Merino growers must handle and manage sheep to avoid unnecessary stress and pain. Mulesing is no permitted on ZQ Merino farms

Our sheep are properly cared for and farmers do their best to avoid unnecessary stress and pain. No mulesing is carried out on our farms, instead we use other methods to prevent flystrike. ZQ Merino is the first in the world to guarantee no-mulesing-wool and provides most of world's non-mulesed wool.

ZQ Merino growers are required to regularly monitor stock, prevent disease and illness and rapidly diagnose animal health issues.

Growers of our merino wool monitor the sheep to make sure that they are disease and injury-free.


Our growers are audited regularly to make sure that our sheep are happy and cared for according to the requirements of the ZQ Accreditation Manual.

ZQ Merino is audited by AsureQuality, an internationally recognized assurance organisation, compliant with ISO guide 65 and ISO 9001, and accredited with the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand.


ZQ Merino recently looked into causes of stress to sheep. They found that:

  • Free-farmed merino sheep have a high quality of life.
  • Merino fleece is able to thermoregulate, meaning that merino sheep can handle extreme weather.

ZQ Merino is now working on projects focusing on animal health, nutrition, environmental sustainability and biodiversity. This means that our growers will be better equipped to look after our sheep and our natural environment.