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Plump & Co // Plumptious


Plump & Co love yarn and are excited to share our range of giant knitting yarns, so you can enjoy the process of extreme knitting in the comfort of your own home. Wool lovers worldwide can now join the Plump & Co community, experience the joy of giant knitting and create their own beautiful art-pieces.

Plump & Co has partnered with experts in the New Zealand wool industry to create a luxurious yarn that meets our standards of durability while retaining the natural softness of merino wool. Our yarns are specially manufactured to add strength, a process that sets our yarn apart from roving or sliver ‘chunky yarns’ that are simply unspun, raw wool (see image below). Homewares, art pieces and clothing knitted and crocheted from raw wool will molt, pill and disintegrate over time and will be difficult to clean and maintain. Plump & Co yarn is stable and low maintenance, yet still beautifully squishy. Our yarn is comfortable against the skin and has a low pilling quotient. Your lovingly-handmade pieces will stand the test of time when you use Plump & Co yarn.


Plump & Co // Plumptious

Purchase your yarn by the ‘bump’ in Plump & Co’s core neutral tones: white, natural gray and midnight gray. Each bump is approximately 2.2 lb. Our 1 ply is approximately 44 yd, our 2 ply is approximately 60 yd. We also produce seasonal runs of our bumps and our smaller ‘cheeses’ in limited edition colors, so subscribe to our mailing list and get in first! Specially-requested colors are available for bulk orders too.

Plump and Co yarn is created with stability, durability and simplicity in mind, but we do want to make sure you’re ready for any ‘bumps’ in the road. Take a moment to check out our disclaimer before making your purchase.


Plump & Co yarn is crafted to the highest standards so that your beautifully-made pieces last. However, just a like a cashmere sweater, Plump & Co yarns need a little help to stay in their best shape. Handle and store your pieces carefully, and avoid contact with rough surfaces and sharp objects, just to prevent any pulls or damage. Our yarn has been specially designed to have a low pilling quotient*, but some pilling is unavoidable and can occur as the natural result of friction. A careful snip with scissors will restore your creation to its original glory. 


Working with giant knitting needles and chunky yarn can initially be a challenge. Make sure you look after yourself by listening to your body; take breaks, have a stretch and go for a walk when you need to. Make sure you maintain good posture and let your legs take the weight of the needles. As your piece grows you may way to sit on the sofa so that the needles can rest either side of you.

Here at Plump & Co, we use patterns as inspiration only and tend to make things up as we go along. With giant knitting, just using one or two types of stitch can create beautiful pieces. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Giant knitting is so satisfyingly speedy that if you don’t like your piece, simply pull it apart and quickly re-make it.

Keeping your tension loose creates a larger piece, meaning that your yarn goes further. Also, blocking your piece once you’ve finished can grow your piece and give it better shape.

Now let’s get started! Knit with a regular tension, find your rhythm, and watch your creation grow!



*Pilling does not constitute a defect